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Getting Personalization Right: 1:1 Real-Time Customer Engagement

No one enjoys being treated like just a generic customer. This is why marketing and advertising has advanced to incorporate consumer names into email campaigns or tailoring specific offers based on past purchases, etc. They want to personalize the experience so that the customer feels like they are being engaged on a 1:1 level.

minority-report-movie-personalizationThankfully, we haven’t reached the level of personalization seen in Minority Report

Personalization has been touted as the solution to marketing success for a long time. In fact, the report Optimizing the Ecommerce Experience: Trends for 2011 from Oracle notes, “The key to success for online businesses will be to optimize the customer experience to attract more traffic, engage customers with a standout, personalized experiences, convert more into customers with personalized offers, and test which optimization strategies are working in different channels to maximize results.” That was from 2011. So, the question is: have brand’s been delivering on personalization?

Aside from (or perhaps including) the examples listed at the top of this post, brands have not truly captured how personalization can optimize the customer experience. This is due to several reasons, including the fact that the evolution of the customer journey has grown more and more complex over the years. With cross-device access increasing and the need to be able to track online to offline conversions, brands have had to adjust to increasing complexity.

Also, optimization often results from reviewing customer data after they have completed their journey, whether successfully or unsuccessfully (i.e. abandoning). This is not ideal for the obvious reason that, either way, the customer has already left the site and the only option is to be reactive to the situation after the fact. Real optimization opportunities lie in engaging with visitors as they are interacting with your brand.

This requires real-time behavioral data--how are they engaging with different features? Are there specific items that are promoting or detracting from their journey? What are they experiencing right now?

That is part of the beauty of Activate, Quantum Metric’s latest capability that turns behavioral data into real-time triggers. Activate enables organizations to truly engage 1:1 with customers depending on each of their needs--should they receive a customized pop-up offer? Would they benefit from a chat window that offers to help them with a frustration or error? All of this is possible while they are still navigating the site and actively part of the digital journey.

We’ve partnered with Tealium to truly enable our customers to act on these personalization opportunities. Join our co-hosted webinar “From Reaction to Real-Time Action: Optimizing the Customer Experience,” on April 25, 2019 at 9 AM PT to learn more.

From Reaction to Real-Time Action Webinar